Hannu Huttunen, CEO

Market Outlook

Bittium's customers operate in various industries, each of them having their own industry specific factors driving the demand. A common factor creating demand among the whole customer base is the growing need for higher speed, higher quality and secure data transfer. Due to the technology competence accrued over time and long history in developing mobile communication solutions, Bittium is in a good position to offer customized solutions for its customers.

  • The following factors are expected to create demand for Bittium's products and services in 2016 and beyond:
  • In the mobile infrastructure equipment market the implementation of LTE technology continues to create demand for services in the LTE base station development. There is a wide range of frequencies allocated for LTE globally thus creating the need to develop multiple products to cover the market and creating demand for the R&D services for development of product variants. Also the growing amount of data transfer creates need for smaller base stations for increasing the data transfer capacity of LTE networks. The general cost savings of the mobile infrastructure equipment companies is reflected as increasing price competition in the R&D services. Despite of Bittium's R&D services being competitive, the demand is expected to slightly decrease during 2016.
  • The trend of using commercial technologies, such as LTE, smartphones and applications, is expected to continue in special verticals, such as public safety and cyber security thus creating demand for Bittium Tough Mobile secure LTE smartphone and customized special terminals based on Bittiumīs own product platform. The sale of the terminal products is expected to develop moderately according to the nature of authorities markets.
  • Secure IoT (Internet of Things) has become a significant development area in many industries. The need for Bittiumīs IoT services and customized solutions is generated by the increasing need of companies to bring connected devices for demanding industrial or consumer usage, such as various devices, that collect information through the device sensors and connect the device securely to the internet and cloud services.
  • In the defense sector's tactical communication market the governmentīs defense forces and other authorities need networks that increasingly moving troops can use for transferring growing amounts of data securely. This creates demand for Bittiumīs TAC WIN broadband network and other Bittiumīs IP-based (Internet Protocol) tactical communications solutions. Due to the long sales cycles driven by purchasing programs of national governments, it takes years to receive significant purchase orders. Bittium continues its efforts to bring its defense market targeted products and services also to the international defense markets and aims at pilot deliveries of its tactical communication system for customers abroad during 2016.
  • Using public network connections in portable devices is growing also in demanding professional use, such as in the public sector. This creates requirements for network connections to be easy to use and secure. The products in the Bittium SafeMove product family enable
    the ease of use and security of the devices in demanding use.